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Small Margins – The SwingThought Blog

Fore Golf Review

I have felt for some time now that I have been ‘fighting’ with my current clubs (Titleist Ap2 irons, Titleist 910 Driver, Fairway Wood and Hybrid), that the club was in charge and not me.

Anyway, work and college dictated in early 2017 that I should take a short break from the game I had fallen in love with.  A long seven months later and I ‘m ready to reconnect with the fairways and greens again but this time I want to go back on my terms. To that end, I decided that when I go back I’ m going to give myself the best chance of making some genuine progress by having a professional fitting done. No more “two steps forward and three steps back” for me anymore.


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Still Searching for my Golf Swing

Back in May I wrote my first “searching for my golf swing” piece for Swingthought.ie and since then lots (and nothing) has happened.  The world has turned politically this year, with Brexit coming to pass and Donald Trump elected in America, as well as numerous wars, terrorist attacks and humanitarian disasters continuing without any apparent let up. So many well known celebrities and musicians have died in 2016…think Prince, Bowie and Leonard Cohen from the music world, actors Alan Rickman and Gene Wilder, Muhammad Ali from the boxing fraternity and, of course, the great Arnold Palmer…that 2016 seems like a

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Seamus Kelly – St Helens Bay, Wexford, Ireland – 25th September 2016

On Sunday the 25th of September 2016 at St Helens Bay, Rosslare, Co. Wexford, Ireland in an open singles competition Seamus Kelly was fortunate enough to have scored back to back eagles at the start of the back 9 which included a fantastic hole in one.

Using a Callaway Chrome soft ++ ball,  on the par 5 10th he holed his 3rd shot from 210 yards for an eagle using a custom fitted Titleist 915H 18’ degree hybrid club with a stiff Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana S+ shaft.

On the very next hole (Using the same Callaway Chrome soft

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Handicap Prejudice

Lots of things can niggle about playing golf – from slow play to listening to others’ tales of woe (that often includes every club choice and shot execution) but surely nothing is more annoying than the awful but really common handicap prejudice. What is handicap prejudice I hear you ask?

This is something that actually occurred between a playing partner and myself.
Having played with this guy, who played off an 11 handicap, on numerous occasions it became apparent that he routinely made the same course management mistake on the long par 4 second hole of our home course.

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Small Margins – Pace of Play Issues

We live in a fast world today with information and gratification only a swipe of a smartphone away at any moment. Any wonder then that much is made of the pace of play issues that apparently plagues golf, with social media awash with discussion and argument about how to combat the problem. A problem that many argue is keeping playing numbers down, turning young people away from the game at the outset and hurting the development of new talent.

So, just how long should a round of golf take? Well the R & A have recently produced a pace

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Small Margins

After a lot of thought and a number of attempts I’ve finally decided on a title for my blog. It’s called Small Margins and I think it sums up exactly what everyone who has ever embarked upon a golf improvement journey or quest goes through.

In our endeavor to get better and lower our handicap we all go through a similar process which, for most golfers, amounts to incremental improvements over a long period of time. We might take an initial lesson with our local professional who will give us the basics such as grip, stance, set-up etc. Even

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Swingthought.ie – what’s it all about?

Swingthought is an Irish based on-line golf improvement platform for Irish golf professionals and their future students to come together on one site via a mutually beneficial approach to golf improvement.

Swingthought will allow amateurs to examine their golf game (through freely distributed V1 swing analysis software), identify faults, watch tips and advice from qualified Irish golf professionals and ultimately choose a registered professional for lessons.

Swingthought  offers free video tips and advice but promotes the taking of lessons as critical on the road to better golf.

Facebook, Twitter and embedded News Feeds as well as planned Monthly emails

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Searching for my golf swing

My mind is cluttered. Cluttered with thoughts of golf. Properly cluttered like the kind of antique shops you find in small rural villages scattered throughout England. Lots of things in there, spread about willy nilly, some interesting and some not, some significant and some not but all there none the less.

You have to trawl through a lot of the irrelevant junk to get to the good stuff.

Finding the right thing in these places can take time and patience.

I look around my cluttered mind to find the right thought that will bring my search to an end.

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Golf Tilt – searching for Zen (and the Art of Golf).

Firstly, an aspiring golfer has to learn how to hit the ball. This entails learning completely new motor skills and repeating them over and over again until they become second nature. That takes a lot of time and practice. Once these new basic skills are mastered the golfer must ‘hone’ the skills some more as they need to be adapted to continue to improve.

This is a test of patience. Just when a part of your game feels almost natural your golf coach will change some other small thing and you start all over again. This process is,

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