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Flight Scope

EDH, maker of FlightScope®, is a global high-tech company, a world leader in the development and manufacture of 3D Doppler ball tracking monitors, golf radars and launch monitors for sports.

EDH, founded in 1989 in South Africa began by manufacturing Doppler Radar systems for the defence industry, measuring the speed of projectiles. EDH remains prominent in the defence industry today, supplying radar systems to more than 20 countries around the world.


With years of experience in Doppler radar and phased array tracking technology, EDH realized the need and opportunity to provide its technology for applications in various sports. That is how FlightScope came to be. With additional sports forthcoming, FlightScope now has applications in cricket ball tracking, to measure bowling speed; in tennis scoring, in the form of a chair-umpire scoring system; and in golf radar tracking, to measure ball and clubhead parameters for every club in a player’s bag.


FlightScope is in use by top golf instructors, club fitters and equipment manufacturers around the globe. Committed to delivering a world-class product with exceptional after-sales support, in 2008 FlightScope relocated its headquarters to Orlando, Florida, a key location for much of the golf industry.