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V1 Branded Academy

Branded Academies

A Branded Online Academy enables coaches and teaching professionals to market themselves through their own customized version of the V1 Sports Academy/V1 Golf Academy. Rather than having students directed to their respective V1 Academy to access their online lessons, an automated email customized with your branding and logo directs your students to your website to log into your Branded online Academy to view their instructional analyses. Your Branded Online Academy is hosted, supported and maintained with the full backing of V1 Tech Support.

Give Your V1 Lessons a Digital Life

Branded Academies transform your V1 Pro software and your business into a powerful digital marketing network, instantly delivering your V1 lessons to your students’ computers, Smartphones (iPhones, Blackberry and others) and Facebook™ pages where they can be easily shared and seen by more people than you ever thought possible.

Social Marketing Made Simple

Your Branded Academy includes settings allowing you to automatically post video lessons and drills from your V1 Pro directly to your YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages. Record and post weekly drills, tips and announcements right from your V1 directly to these popular social media websites. Watch how Big Dave’s is using YouTube, Facebook and Twitter with his Branded Academy.

V1 Mobile Lessons on Smartphones

Your Branded Academy can transmit all your recorded V1 lessons directly to your students’ Smartphones. A simple text message links them directly to their V1 Mobile Lesson where they can view and hear their complete video lesson right on their phone. Sharing their V1 Mobile Lessons with friends and family is as easy as forwarding the text message.

Includes V1 Pro and Pro Advantage Benefits

Every Branded Academy includes the use of latest version of V1 Pro giving you newest technology and social marketing tools to deliver effective sports video analysis. Plus you get Pro Advantage member benefits including V1 Phone Tech Support giving you peace of mind that your V1 Pro software will always be working when you need it most.